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Comcoin Solution

Comcoin is a program to help consumers maximize value in every way they spend money. The team behind comcoin is totally focused on your experience – which includes making sure you don´t get overwhelmed with pointless marketing messages.

* What we try to solve

The problem with most loyalty programs is that you end up with a few points spread across dozens of programs – with little hope of ever redeeming for something worthwhile. And, points expire or what you really want isn´t available.

With comcoin, you quickly collect comcoin (the future of digital money) and have total freedom to use it however you want.


The comcoin program is designed to be fun and useful, but most of all to help you capture the maximum value from companies you shop with regularly – both in the form of earning comcoin, but also in your ability to receive product discounts on things you really want.

  • All your loyalty currency in one trusted account
  • Send comcoins to family or friends
  • Pay with comcoin at a growing list of merchants who accept the comcoin digital currency
  • See all your transaction history in one place
  • Retain control over your privacy settings and decide how you want information about you shared
  • Request comcoin from merchants or send us a picture of your receipt and we will request they award you comcoins
You should know...

Comcoin is worth one United States Penny, so the value of each comcoin will remain stable over time – unlike other digital currencies that fluctuate considerably in value. And you can quickly calculate the value of your comcoins with total transparency.

And finally, you have no obligation to join comcoin – even if a merchant has already awarded you some comcoin, but we hope you will see how this radically new approach to sharing mutual value can help you achieve personal goals while improving the way in which you protect your privacy.