About us

*Our Mission, our Care, our Passion

You should know that the comcoin™ Loyalty Program makes money by helping merchants deliver personalized offers and useful information to you. However, we put your trust in us above generating senseless revenue.If we are successful in providing a valuable service to you, we will earn a living. If we lose your confidence then we will be out of business soon. So be sure our interests are aligned with your interests and we won´t allow you to get spammed with senseless information.

We will always err on the side of doing less with your information than you give us permission to do. If there is ever a negative surprise in how your data appears to have been used, we hope you will bring that to our attention so we can fix whatever problem produced it.

We hope you will join the revolution to help consumers capture more value from their everyday shopping while taking control over how merchants engage with you through your mobile device.

The team behind comcoin is made up of real people from a large number of countries – and we are consumers too. We don´t want to be overwhelmed by meaningless offers and marketing gimmicks and we presume you feel the same way.